Monday, June 23, 2008

2nd Place Middleweights!!

So I just got back from Chicago where I competed at Jr. Nationals. I placed 2nd in middleweights and was so very very happy about it! I am really excited and had such a wonderful time. I met some really amazing women and just had a blast. Everyone was so nice and helpful and it was just a great show. Now I get to enjoy some fun foods but on Wednesday it's back to business to get ready for Indiana State and USA's!! Other than that I am just enjoying my second place finish! Here are a few pics from the weekend:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2008 Indianapolis Championships/My Graduation!

Hey there! Well it's gettin down to the last week and a half before Jr. Nationals. I feel like crap but I'm supposed to now! This past weekend a good friend of mine competed in the Indianapolis Figure Championships and placed 3rd in her class!!!! So stinkin proud of her! She looked awesome! Another of my friends placed 2nd in her class, another placed 3rd in hers, and one of my guy friends won his weight class! So all in all it was a successful weekend and I am so proud of all hte hard work these competitors put into their prep.

On Sunday my parents had a graduation party for me. It took all my willpower all day to avoid the humongous cake that was sitting out! They saved and froze a HUGE chunk of the cake for me so I will take advantage of that after all my shows are done! I am doing 3 shows this summer so it's a long long time of dieting but it's so worth it! Can't wait til Chicago!! Here are a couple pics from this past weekend including a pic of my cake I couldn't go near!