Thursday, January 8, 2015

My current skin care faves

I stumbled on Acure organic skin care products when I received one of their schmexy lip lush glosses in a Birchbox one month.  I fell in love with this lip gloss immediately because it smelled amazing, wasn't sticky like most glosses, and it has argan oil in it which I love!  So I looked for more of their products and found that my local organic grocery store carries their products!!!  So I stocked up on their argan oil and face wash!!!  And I am loving these products.  Acure organics is made with organic ingredients and feel amazingly pure when you use them. I love argan oil especially in this frigidly cold weather it helps keep my skin from drying out and cracking.  What's also is amazing about this product is that they fit all skin type needs like oily, acne prone, combo to oily, and so forth.  Really loving them right now and plan to continue using them!  Check them out at

Monday, January 5, 2015

Some pics for you!

Here are a couple shots from 2012 NPC Nats when I won my pro card!!  Shot with Dan Ray the night before.  Must've been some good luck;)

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Conquering Monday and Making it YOURS!

So it's the first Monday of 2015!  We all know how Mondays can be.  Ummmmm lackluster to say the least.   I look at Mondays, or I at least try to look at them as a fresh start.  A do over if you will. Maybe the weekend wasn't the best as far as meeting and keeping goals, and well here comes the end to the weekend and the start to a new chance.  I don't know about you, but I'm always super tired at the beginning of the week!  So what I do to get going is start the day with cardio!  Sounds tough and it is but I know that's what's gonna wake me up and make me feel alive!  I then drink some green tea to feel even more alive and just refreshed. I find that tea makes me feel so much better than coffee!! So what else can you do to start your week off right?  Regardless of your life goals whether they're fitness related or personal life related or even work related, here are some tips to conquer your Mondays and make the most of your week:
1.  write down your goals the night before
2.  if you are gearing up to lose weight and struggle with getting up in the am, lay your clothes out the night before
3.  make a motivational board but fill it with positive, motivating words
4.  visualize yourself excelling in whatever you are trying to become better at
5.  if fitness is your goal, load up your ipod or whatever you use for music, with new tunes
6.  YouTube!  watch your fave YouTubers for extra motivation.  No matter what your goal is, there is a YouTube channel out there for you!
7.  read a motivational book
8.  keep positive people in your life who will continue to motivate you.  I have several clients who basically hire me just for motivation and I love giving them that positive energy.

No matter what your life goals are, you can do anything you want if you just stay positive and set clear goals for yourself.  Make Mondays your bitch!  Start the week off right and you will be successful the rest of the week!  Remember we all make mistakes so forgive yourself and keep at it!


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fit Tip Friday!

Ok so this is a little premature but wanted to get it up anyway.  Here is a little tip for building your triceps.  I have been blessed with great triceps size, but of course I am always trying to perfect and tone them.  One of my fav exercises is lying DB triceps extensions.  It gives you a chance to really twist your arms at the top of the movement for a really great squeeze.  The squeeze and tension is what really works and defines your muscles.  Form is errrrrrthing!