Thursday, July 14, 2011

9 more days and soooo ready to eat!

Hey there! Well I am 9 days away from the Indiana State/Hoosier Muscle Classic!!! Super excited! My friends and clients and family are coming so I am gonna be sure to rock the stage! My weight is sitting at 144 where it's been for a couple weeks now. Not worried about the number cuz my body is tightening up a lot! This is def the best i've looked and I know I say that every year so that's aweosme! It's always my goal to look better each year.

I have been trying to get my cardio in before I eat my first meal but the past week has been horrible for that! I get dizzy and see spots so I have had to eat first then do it. Grrrr I hate that feeling!!! But it's not worth it to me to feel like crap! As always it is not just about the look but it is also about the process and I want to enjoy it the best I can!

I am so fortunate to have 2 sponsors this year! Fitness Now, my gym I work and train at, is sponsoring my entry fees which is amazing! And Jodi Lane Reynolds who is generous enough to do my suits! She always does a great job so I am anxious to see what she's come up with for me this year! I appreciate my people so much! Huge help!

Well wish me luck for the next week and a half! Im excited!!!!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

2 weeks out!

Hey! well here i am at 2 weeks out from the Indiana State show. Super excited about this show since this will be the first time in like 4 years my parents will be able to come! and i have tons of clients and friends coming too! so i am amped to get on stage and werk it! lol! i am about 144 lbs right now which is fine. i never really worry about weight until the last week and even so i still have to just chill about it. anyway, i think i've picked the song ill do my routine to. now i jsut need to put my routine together! im bad about waiting til the last minute to do it but i always make it work!

so here's a couple pics of me from today! im feelin great and i feel like this is the best ive ever looked! so yay! oh and i get to keep my pb in after my workouts so i am not mad about that!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My music

Hey wanna know what's on my iPod at the moment? Well here ya go! This is what I listen to when I workout, do cardio, or teach my spinning classes!

"Naughty Girl"-Beyonce
"Let Me Think About It"-Ida Corr
"Lie to Me"-Keri Hilson
"Breakin Dishes"-Rihanna
"All Nite"-Janet Jackson
"Fader"-Temper Trap
"Born This Way"-Lady Gaga
"E.T"-Katy Perry
"Til the World Ends"-Britney Spears

And that's just a start! What kind of music do you all listen to? I love my fans and wanna know what you like to workout to! Email me! I might just use your music selections in my own!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Check it out!

Hey hey! So my client Lisa Perry is getting ready for her second bikini show in Pittsburgh in 2 weeks! She is lookin amazing! We put some muscle on her and she has made huge strides since the Arnold this year. Please show her some love and support and check out her Facebook and her Spotlight interview on Rx Muscle! Thanks Gail for the spotlight on her!!/LisanDeuce

Way to go girl! So proud of you! Pittsburgh here we come! Watch out!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

17 weeks out til Vegas!

I am officially 17 weeks out from USA's! I am about 152ish which is super low for me at this far out! lol! we will see where I end up! Official prep starts next week! So one more week of fun then it's on!

I also started teaching spinning classes at my gym and did my first one yesterday. It was awesome! I had so much fun and I think I definitely worked the girls hard! So huge accomplishment for me!

Here is a few pics of me yesterday at 17 weeks out!

In the News!

I was in the news a week ago! Our local Indianapolis Star did a feature on new fitness gear used in the gym and they interviewed me! Check it out! I talked about the Isolator. Love talking about fitness what can I say!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Client workin hard!

So I have some wonderful clients I work with who give me 110% every day! From diet to training they are on it! But I want to give a special shout out to my client Matt who has lost 27 lbs as of the beginning of the year! Can we say "WOW"? So proud of him! Keep it up!

Suit suggestions

Hey there! Hey ladies if you are looking for a great suit designer for figure, bb, or bikini please check out my girl Jodi Lane's website: She has been nice enough to sponsor my suit in 2009 and this year for 2011 USA's!! She is great to work with and will save you some bucks! Check her out!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011 bring it on!

Well its' stinkin cold here! and it has been for too long! it's been hard to stay motivated to get to the gym even though thats where i work! but nonetheless im making it! i am working with another girl Lisa Perry who will be competing in her first bikini show in 3.5 weeks at the Arnold Classic!!! Super excited for her I know she will rock it out! Check her out on twitter @MissLisaPerry. And check me out too if you haven't already! @kiraneuman. Other than that I am still in offseason mode getting ready for this years USA's!!!

So here are some pics from a shoot I did with Barry Brooks back in Oct before my West Virginia show! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Client!

So I am working with a new girl who is doing her first figure show this year! She has gotten ready for one before but wasn't able to compete so i am extra excited to get her to the stage this year! She is gonna rock it out! She has already put on some good quality muscle in just a month so I know she will kick ass!

As for me I am gearing up for 2011 USA's!! Can't wait! Have lots of friends who want to go so I better work it out! Hope everyone had a great xmas and New Years! I have some pics I need to post so I will make sure to do that! So until next time take care!