Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Here's to a new fresh start!  Any mistakes, mishaps, regrets should be washed away.  A new year is upon us and it's the time to set goals and go after them!  Be a better version of you!  I can't wait to see what happens this upcoming year!

Happy Holidays! My life in 2014

Hey all!  Hope you had a great holiday week/weeks.  Today is New Years Eve and I am setting my sights on keeping this blog more up to date.  I have had some exciting things happen in the past year and some not so exciting things happen.  But that's life!  I have been blessed with an opportunity to be a sponsored athlete for Lone Star Distribution and I have been with them for almost a year now.  I am so grateful for their support.  I even got to work with them at the Olympia this past September!  It was amazing.  I had never even been the O and there I was working the booth alongside one of my good friends Amanda Ptak.
I also finished my last two classes toward my special education license and now I just have to student teach and then I will be set to get a special education teaching position.  And for the first time ever in my 8 years of competitive bodybuilding, I actually took an entire year off!  And it was nice.  The time flew by and it doesn't even seem like I took the year off.  So I am anxious to get back on stage and just prep for a show.  I thrive on discipline and structure.
I had a great team of competitors this past year, all of whom did amazing at their shows and worked super hard.  I love coaching them and using my passion to motivate them.  I also had the opportunity to do hair and makeup for my girls at some of their shows, which I quickly learned that I have a mega passion for and am actually pretty good at it.  So, my newest hobby and practice is makeup artistry.  I am not pro but I am just perfecting my style and I love doing it.  My makeup collection is out of control to be honest, but it all gets used!  I currently have a team of about 10 competitors, some of whom I worked with last year and who will all be competing this summer in various shows.  I am super excited for Team Neuman this year.  I have a lot of dedicated athletes!
As we ring in the new year, I am thinking about what goals I have professionally.  I would like to update my blog more often and with new topics and motivation for you guys, so let me know if you have questions.  I will post my social media links below and you can keep in touch with me there as well!  Hope you all have a safe and happy new years!

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