Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Joining my site

Hey! Ok so first off, if you want to join my site and can't, you will be able to in the next couple of days so please keep checking back. We had to get some things worked out but it should be ready to join by the end of the week!

I just got back from Vegas and I had a stinkin blast! There were so many cool things to see and do. I got about 16 hrs of sleep in the four nights I was there so you know I had fun! I did a couple shoots and had fun with that. I'll post some pics and have more stories to share later. Til then hope you enjoy my site so far!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Enjoyin the summer!

Hey everyone! Well, I am enjoying my offseason and the summer. I had originally planned on doing USA's which is next weekend but I had to pull out of it because I was just miserable with my training and diet. I hated working out and I was just really really burnt out. So, in my best interest I decided to not do the show. I am still going to Vegas though and I will be at the show for sure. So, I promise to have some great pics for yas!

Now I get to enjoy my summer and boy have I been! I just started my boot camp this week and have been kickin the ladies' booties! They love it! It's rough getting up at 4 a.m. but it's so worth it. Other than training hard and eating I am just having more fun being able to hang out with my friends and family more often. I don't have the stress of having to practically live at the gym! Oh and the website is coming along! My webmaster is fantastic! I know he's gonna rock it out for me! Well, I will post after I get back from Vegas!