Monday, November 29, 2010

I won I won!!!!

Well I did it! I made it through another contest prep and I won! I took home the overall title at the 2010 NPC Erik Fankhouser Mid Atlantic Grand Prix! I was super excited! And better yet the trophy I got was a foot taller than me! hahahahahha! Needless to say we had a hard time getting it into the car! I had so much fun! Had some great people there supporting me including my gf and her parents and some friends from the gym! Way grateful they made the trip! My girl's best friend competed in the men's open lhw and he looked awesome! Tough class he was in but he definitely stood out! Met IFBB Fitness Pro Stacy Wright and her husband. He competed too and looked great! Stacy is a real sweetheart! Loved talking to her! And I also got to meet NPC figure competitor Lori Staats! What a doll! Great girls! That's what I love about this sport. Getting to meet fellow competitors!

Of course I always look for areas I need to improve on cuz I know I can always make changes. I feel very fortunate to have done as well as I have and I am very grateful to have the people in my life supporting and pushing me to do my best. I am requalified for nationals so I gotta decide what I'm gonna do next year! But in the meantime, I am gonna enjoy some time off! And some good food! Been trying new recipes for protein bars and pancakes!!! I love it!

Here are some shots from the show!

You can also check out more pics from the show on my facebook! And big thanks to Tricia Hudson for taking tons of pics and sharing them with me!

And a huge thanks to my #1 Tiff for puttin up with me and supporting me through my diet! She's the bestest and I am so lucky to call her my gf!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Famous!!.....Again!

Hey there! I was fortunate enough to be a part of IndyStyle TV once again yesterday! As a guest on their show they asked me about my bb preparation and my show which is now in 10 days! I also showed them some moves to tone up the legs and glutes! I had a blast again and I hope everyone gets to see the clip! I'm posting a link to it below so please check it out! Thanks for supporting me! 10 more days!!! Then pizza and ice cream!!!