Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Well today is Labor Day so hope everyone gets to enjoy a day off. Went out to dinner with the fam to celebrate my brother and sister n law's 2nd anniversary. The place we ate at was this old-school Italian spot. So so good! Everyone there was super nice and it was just really good food. Then family birthday party on Sunday which was great. So, I ate a lot of cake this weekend and I laid out all weekend so now I am fried like a biscuit! It's fine though!

New offseason diet plan which so far I really like. My good friend Pete put it together for me and I know it will definitely give me the gains I want. He is wanting to get into contest prep so he is my diet guru!

Wednesday is my 27th birthday so all day I will eat and do WHATEVER the heck I want! I am never too old for that! Other than that, not much else is new!

New stuff in the members section so check it out. My webmaster has been continually putting a lot of stuff on there so it should be updated a lot.

Ok smell ya later!
P.S. Check out how hot my family is (above)!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hey! Well, last night was my friend Tabitha's 30th birthday. She wanted to go to Jillian's which is a restaurant/bar/arcade/bowling alley type situation. It is a really fun place and we all got in touch with our inner-child there! We played games all night and just had a great time!

Here is a pic of the birthday girl, myself, and our friend Becky.

I have been hittin the gym intermittently and having great workouts. I am going to San Francisco at the end of September to see a very dear friend and one of my favorite people so I am pumped about that! He was kind enough to fly me out there! He's so good to me! I am very excited to see him! And my 27th birthday is in 2 weeks!!

And be sure to check out the updates to the members section! My first video is up! And this is my favorite picture of all! Our booties were too big to fit in the pic!!!! Ok well maybe it was mine that was too big! Holler!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Update to the members section

So, today I trained chest and it went well. I sort of felt like I pulled a pec muscle but I know I didn't. I just got some weird pain near my sternum but it's a muscle pain and nothing like I normally have. Oh well I guess! And I have definitely done something to my back cuz it hurts to bend over to the right to pick things up! I am such a wimp!

I volunteer in the nursery at my church so tonight they are putting on a dinner celebration for all the volunteers. So, I am stoked about it because I know the food will be good and they are raffling off prizes! And I will get to see some good friends!

Check out my members section because it has been updated with some new pics and I am sharing stories from Vegas. And trust me, the stories are great!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


So for all my members, be sure to check out my new pics. There are some super cute pics offseason and from Collegiate Nationals last year. Oh and some exciting news!!! I am in the September issue of Muscular Development! page 47! For all you members I am going to try to get a special copy of that posted in the members section! So check back! And also for my members I will be posting pics and stories from my crazy Vegas trip this past weekend that only you will be able to see and read about. So check back this week!

Friday, August 1, 2008

The new do!

Just got my hair done today. I went for something totally new. I was so over the long hair situation. I love it! No more long hair!!!