Monday, May 26, 2008

4 weeks out!

So here I am 4 weeks out from Jr. Nationals! I weight about 137 so I feel confident about making middleweights. My diet just changed which is rough but it is worth it. I am getting ready to celebrate my graduation from college with a party at my house! A pool party! I told my parents to pick the cake-whatever is their favorite cuz Lord knows I can't have any of it!

Today my friend Becky and I made shirts for our friend Jessica who is our coach. Jessica Wright is an IFBB figure pro and the hardest working individual I know. She has helped me through my training these past 16 weeks and has guided me through it all. So our shirts say "Wright Stuff!" Becky is 2 weeks out from the Indianapolis Figure Championships. She's lookin awesome!

I am getting really excited for my show and I know I will look even better than last year! Above is a quick shot from a shoot I did last year after winning Collegiate Nationals (2007).

Friday, May 16, 2008

New website

Hey there! This is my very first journal/blog for my new website! So excited about this! My webmaster is a genius and has been so good to me! He is working so hard right now to create a uniquely awesome website that will fit me to a "T"! My site is basically going to showcase my bodybuilding career with pictures, training videos, and updates on what I am doing.

Right now I am getting ready for Jr. Nationals. I am 5 weeks out as of today! I weigh just under 140 and I feel like I look better than I ever have which is exciting. Unfortunately, I do have a sinus infection that I have been fighting all week so hopefully by next Monday I will be back in full force. I will have plenty of time to get fully prepared so I am not too worried. Then after Jr. Nats will be USA's in Vegas! So this is a very exciting summer for me and I can't wait to share it with everyone!

Oh and I just recently graduated (a week ago actually)! After 8 years in school I finished with a degree in physical education and health. Totally suits me! ready to be able to celebrate that with my family and friends. But that will have to wait! I did get to have a cheat meal to celebrate it though. But other than that, I am just training and trying to get over this sinus thing. Hope you enjoy this first blog of mine and please check back for more updates and I will post progress pics too!