Monday, June 22, 2009

5 weeks to go!

Well, I sure do love dieting what can I say?!! Ummm not really! This past weekend I had sushi and you would've thought it was going to my last meal. I was craving it and since I am allowed to have it on my high carb days I took advantage of it!
I got to see my 3 month old neice, Sage. She is beautiful and healthy and happy! I just adore her.
I am so excited for Vegas! And bonus: a week before the show I am going to stay with my trainer Pete and his girlfriend Aleesha who is also competing. So she and I get to suffer through our last week together! I'm just pumped to hang with them for a week. Then it's off to Vegas for USA's!! I feel great about how I'm looking right now. Still weighing around 150 but I'm not gonna sweat it too much. Doing my two a days of cardio so that should help. But this is the biggest and hardest I have ever been so no complaints from me! Pete has really done a great job with my nutrition so I have to give him all the credit. And Aleesha has endured all my whining and moaning about everything! Well, so has everybody I guess! But I am motivated and my eyes are set on the prize! And then some eating afterward!

Until next time I will leave you with a pic of me at 5 weeks! Don't mind the bloated belly!! Later!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So this past weekend my boyfriend and I went to the new casino that's here in Indy. It was awesome! Everything is electronic because we have laws that won't allow actual person dealers I guess?!! I dont' know why! ANwyay, the casino was really nice. We got dressed up and went and played a few slots. We had a blast!

7 more weeks!!!!!