Monday, October 5, 2009

7 more weeks to go!

Mondays at school are always rough. The kids are extra wild because they just got over the weekend and it's hard for them to adjust to the changes of starting school each week. But we managed and it's just one day closer to teh weekend!

Yayy it is getting closer and closer to the big show! So ready to be done dieting. I have been dieting basically since January. Yuck! But it's been good.

My little bro came to town this weekend to visit. We got to hang a bit. He's such a great person. He is so funny and sarcastic without even intentionally trying to be. It's so funny! He has such a positive outlook on life, it's contagious! I hate that he lives out in L.A. but hopefully I'll be able to go visit him soon!

So since I've been single I have been living it up! Going out with my girlfriends each weekend! Just havin girl time! Went to a gay bar this past weekend and had a blast! They played my fav kind of music: trance/house music and we danced all night. Caught a drag queen show while we were there and just had so much fun! Sunday I went to the Indianapolis Colts game with my girl Jess and her man. We had awesome seats and the Colts smeared the Seahawks. It was great! The stadium is new and it was just gorgeous! So it was a great weekend! Just not long enough :(

My trainer got us tickets to see DJ Kaskade at Club Mansion in Miami! He's spinning on Saturday night right after my show! My girlfriends who are coming with me are gonna be in for a treat! And so will I! So here is a sneak peak of where I'm at 7 weeks out.

Yeah only the backside ;) Holler! Til next time!