Sunday, December 13, 2009

Xmas is coming!

Hey there! Well it's been waaaay too long! Sorry I haven't posted in forever, I was just being lazy!

Ok so here's what I have been up to:

I finished up the year with Nationals in Miami and I placed 12th out of 26. I was pretty happy with my placing because it was a tough competition. I ended up putting on some extra muscle in between USA's and Nats so I was stoked about that. I had a blast and met a lot of wonderful women! All of the girls looked fantastic. It was a great show! My friend Lori Steele turned pro which was exciting to watch. And after 4 years away from the stage Nicole Berg turned pro in the lhw class. And she is a doll! Super sweet and super beautiful! She really earned that pro card! Congrats to Kris Murrell and Lisette Acevedo the hw and mw who also turned pro. Those two looked incredible as well and deserving.

After the show, we went to club Mansion and it was wild! So much fun! Great music and tons of hot people!

Here are a couple pics from 2 shoots I did.

I also did an online contest with Andrea Giacomi and Deanna Harvick. The three of us were featured on James Cook's first Webcam Physique Extravaganza. We had a stinkin blast and thanks to the viewers I won! I was honored and very flattered!
So here is a link to check it out:
So after the show I was able to return to a normal life again! And normal food! Thanksgiving was a week later and it was a totally different experience this year! I ate my little heart out! And I was able to spend time with my family. So, right now I am just working and training and it's great. I am lifting heavy again and enjoying it more and more.
As for next year, well i will do a local Indiana show because I have to requalify for national level and then I will do USA's again. So just working on a few things and hopefully make improvements for next year!
So sorry it's been a while but i will make it a priority to keep this updated. And my webmaster will be updating my members section with photos and videos so keep checking in! Thanks!
And a huge thanks to my trainer Pete Kwiatkowski for putting up with me for a year and keeping me motivated! And thank you to Jodi Sturdevant who stoned my gorgeous suit this year! Thanks so much!!