Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Long long time :(

Hey there! Well I think it's been about 4 months since I've posted anything. :( Sorry I have neglected my blog. I am done working for the summer at school but working as a trainer at my friend's gym in downtown Indy.

I am not competing this year because I need to work on some body parts like my legs and calves and shoulders and more than anything I need some mental time off. I just got a pitbull puppy!! He's adorable. He's 4 weeks old and we named him Tyson. He is a new fixture at teh gym and everyone has fallen in love with him but it isn't hard!

Ummm let's see what else is new?? My figure girl is getting ready to compete next weekend at the Indianapolis Bodybuilding and Figure Championships. She looks great and I am really excited to see how she will do but I am confident she will look amazing and shine on stage! I know at the show I will get the competition bug and be ready to start dieting! I have lost a little weight though which is great for the summer! I am going to Key West Florida at the end of July!!! Clothing optional right?!! My best friend is pregnant with a little girl! She is due in September, hopefully September 3rd since that's my bday!
Other than that I am just training myself and others!

Also, for those of you who would like to come train with me or know of anyone who wants to come train with me shoot me an email. The gym is called Fitness Now and it's in downtown Indianapolis.

And finally, I just got some new photo shoot pics from Nationals and have some more on the way as well as some video footage so check my members section in the next week and you will see some new stuff! Oh and exciting news, I was asked to interview for the TV show MADE. A girl in Florida wants to be a bodybuilder and the producers contacted me to see if I would be interested in being her MADE coach!!! So wish me luck!

Thanks to all my fans and members! I will keep you all posted on what I'm up to! Til next time!