Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Outfits for sale!

Hey all! Ok so I am need of getting rid of some of my photo shoot clothes in order to make room for new ones! So, basically whatever you've seen me in in pictures is up for grabs. Prices will vary depending on the outfit. And I am ready to sell my clear heels and most of my tennis shoes. Email me if you are interested!


Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm famous!

Ok so I was on T.V. today! The news actually! I did a little 5 minute segment on training of course for IndyStyle which is a program on a local news station. It was way fun and the girl who interviewed me was great to work with. Here's the link to the clip which should be up later: http://www.indystyle.tv. Can't wait to see how goofy I was!

Congrats to all the ladies who competed this past weekend at the Tampa Pro. It was great to see how many female bb's there were. The ladies all brought their best and looked incredible! gets me motivated to get back to the stage.

I am going on a week long, much needed vacation next week to Key West, Florida with my favorite person in the world! I am super stoked! Then we come back and it's time to diet ;) Tried to take a year off but it looks like I am itchin to get back to the stage sooner than I thought! So, stay tuned cuz I am bout to go into full-blown contest prep mode! Thanks for keeping up with me!