Thursday, September 30, 2010

6.5 weeks out!

I am 6.5 weeks out from the West Virginia show!!!!! I am roughly 140lbs and feeling pretty good! I have been a little more laid-back on this diet than in the past but I think it's doing me some good. My body seems to be responding a lot better and making more frequent changes. I am trying new training along with my regular training. I have been doing more plyos and supersets than in the past when I would just lift as heavy as i could for as long as I could. This keeps me from getting burnt out and i enjoy it!

I am doing a photo shoot next Tuesday with the wonderful Barry Brooks so I will have some new pics in the members section soon!

Also you can follow me on twitter now! Ksneuman! And here is a pick of me from 7 weeks out!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's been goin on!

Ok well it's been a hot minute as usual! Sorry! I've been dieting, training, working, and raising a puppy! His name is Tyesn and he is now 5 months old! My beautiful pitbull boy! He is awesome! A gift from my wonderful girlfriend! He is a handful but I adore him!

Other than that I am about 7 weeks from the West Virginia show!! i am at about 140 lbs so most likely going down a weight class to middles which is fine. been there before!

I am still going through some of my photo shoot clothing so if anyone is interested in buying some of my worn clothing items email me at I will give you a good deal! Here is a recent shot of me at the gym!