Sunday, January 17, 2010

Go Colts!

Hey! So my hometown team the Indianapolis Colts won last night! 20-3! Puttin the hurtin on Baltimore!
However, I was not watching the game, rather I was watching some hot hot drag queens workin their stuff on the stage at a bar downtown. It was so fun! The women looked incredible but do I call them women or men? Or as I heard one kid call his drag queen in training buddy, a "diva". I like diva! Then my friends and I danced the night away. I love how at gay bars it's ok to take some of your clothes off! I stared at this one guy who danced on a big platform in just his tighty-whities! But he did manage to keep his kicks on! Holler! But of course I forgot my camera so no picks :(. Next time, cuz I know I will be back there again soon!

I am now back in school this semester taking a class toward my special ed license and masters degree. Pretty excited about it. Fortunately, it's an online class so I can go at my own pace. And the prof told us we'd have to try really hard to get a grade lower than an "A". Hey I ain't complainin!

Well, I am working with a girl now helping her get ready for a figure show so I am way stoked about that. SHe's competed in the past and always looked great so I know she will do well. And of course I am still enjoying the offseason. But not for too much longer! Gotta get ready for July shows! I have only myself to beat this year!

New pics in the members section! And more to come of course! Thanks for stickin with me!

Mike Yurkovic-Physique Art/2009 NPC Nationals-we're in Miami!



Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hey! Happy New Year! My New Year's Resolution is to bust my butt in the gym each and every day! And keeping in contact with all the new and wonderful friends I've made in this sport including the friends I have had for a long time. All those people are near and dear to me! And thirdly, it is my goal to update and work harder on my site so that my wonderful fans and members can have something to look at more frequently!

Speaking of which there are lots of new pics in the members section and plenty more to come! I will take some progress pics because I am working on adding a little more size. I weigh about 164.5 right now which is good for me. I feel great and am very happy with my progress!

Thanks for being loyal fans and members! xoxo